Lights, Camera... Action!

State of the art cinematic action images showcasing sports, performance, dance skills and many more! You bring the skill and we’ll bring the camera! Celebrating the passion and achievements of others is something we encourage here at the studio and even more s when we can provide you with gorgeous products and life long memories.


Introducing our new ‘Action Lifestyle’ sessions. This shoot is focused on those individuals with skills in sports, dance, martial arts, football, acrobatics and any skill you take pride in!  Once you arrive at the studio we capture your moves then our digital artists retouch and render your portraits, using our art digital templates we create astounding and unique art.


All we ask to bring is your relevant props and outfits so we can capture the professional and unique touches you want to present to the world!  


Once your portraits are created, our team will display your images for purchase, here at the studio in our media suite.

The images that are ordered are the airbrushed and the CGI will then be added for the final images.

We have a range of packages and products to choose from that are on show at the studio.

Fabulous photography and amazing talent..
Nicola is very approachable and her friendly team make you welcome...
Highly recommended
David Hebditch ​
Had my first fitness photoshoot. It was a fantastic experience! One of the best things I've done! Nicola is so creative and easygoing, she'd suggest how to pose, what to do with my legs, hands, hair etc Lol It was fab! I'd do it again in a heartbeat and I will recommend Nicola to everyone!
Victoria Doroshenco
Would 100% recommend Nicola and the team and will definitely be back x
Claire Macdonald


  1. By Clicking onto our “Enquire Now” button you will be taken to an enquiry form, once you fill out contact details and select a photo session request just send it over to us and soon a member of our team will contact you to discuss a date, time, and payment for your appointment. 
  2. Calling us directly will let you have the ability to ask any questions you may have before filling out an enquiry form, so you are certain which shoot best suits you. Emailing the studio directly is also an alternative option. 
  3. Once your appointment is booked you will receive a “Preparing for your Shoot” email, this email will be tailored to your requested shoot and is full of all the information needed to understand the shoot process fully.  
  4.  Look forward to your session and viewing appointment where you will be able to select from any of our beautifully made products and gorgeous images! 


You can purchase a voucher directly from our shop!