We operate a 5 working day cancellation period.  To cancel or change your booking contact us on 0131 510 1105 or by email

All cancelled or missed appointments must made within 7 days to save your session, any entitlements and deposits paid. Failure to give adequate notice will void your deposit and voucher.  

If you fail to show for your photo session, you would forfeit your deposit, but we will keep your session voucher valid for one further booking oppertunity, another deposit would need to be pmade.

If you fail to show for your viewing session, you loose your deposit; to save your voucher entitlement please re-arrange within 7 days – the appointment date can be at a time out with this period.

If you do not attend a viewing of the photographs no deposit or entitlement will be offered, and we will delete the images from the system within 3 months.

The studio retains the rights to change your booking at any time and at short notice.


Voucher Cancellations 
You may have received a voucher from an outside vendor e.g. Click, Wowcher, Living Social, Groupon. If you wish to cancel please contact the vendor directly.  

All direct and voucher booking deposits will not be refunded if cancelling the session once made. 

Any deposits and refunds will only be processed at the viewing.  

Order issues and cancellation policy 
Due to the individual nature of the images we create, orders cannot be altered or cancelled once placed. If images do not meet the expectations, we will look over and amend if necessary. All our products are bespoke, and hand finished, this may result in minimal variations in sizes and crops to the pictures i.e. Print or digital image files. 

All images are retouched for the final production, and at the studio discretion, extreme retouching may include an additional fee.  

A payment must be made to process any order, all incomplete orders remain with Nicola Bald Photography until payment is received in full. All payment plan orders must be paid in full to receive the completed orders.