"A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it..." Edward Steichen

There are many reasons to have a professional photographer create a headshot for you. Wether you are in the corporate or creative industries a  well constructed, composed and professional and when we say professional we mean lit well and produced in a format acceptable and ready for print or digital marketing, certainly not from an iphone or lower end media.


We look at your business or industry, consider your intended placement for your profile shots and look at your web and socials  content to create the portraits you need. 


You must, bring a range of your own clothing and accessories and with the help of our creative team advise and help to select the best outfits for each background and set. 

If you have style ideas of how you would like your final images to look we encourage you to share them with us, or just let us do our creative thing!


Once your portraits are created, our team will display your images, here at the studio in our viewing suite. Then the images ordered are airbrushed.

Images can then be transferred on the same day for immediate use.

Hi Nicola,
Apologies this has taken so long to send but I wanted to get in touch to say a massive thank you, to you and your team for everything with my shoot. You all made me feel so comfortable in wha could be a really uncomfortable situation and helped me get some awesome shots!
I was really nevouse about it but you all put me at ease and I absolutely love the results!!

Thanks Anna
Hi Nicole and team,
Just to let you know my photos have safely
arrived and I absolutely love them.

Thank you so much again for an amazing experience. I've had a couple of tough weeks in work so this has really given me a boost and has definately improved my body confidence since my photoshoot with you.

Thanks again Kirsty