"My fashion philosophy is, if you're not covered in dog hair,
your life is empty - Elaine Boosler

A family member like no other, at Nicola Bald Photography we turn the spotlight on your furry friend! It may take a treat or two as we capture the most character catching images of your beloved pets. We are all doggy daft here at the studio and love to create quirky, expressive, classic and contemporary portraits of your furry friends that you will cherish.



Our experienced photographers capture a range of images, against different backgrounds & use studio props to create excellent images. You may have to participate in the session so best wear something comfortable, as we play, tease and gain reactions making awesome images. 


We ask you to bring your pets favourite treat, toy or anything that could trigger a good reaction, this could be as simple as a word or a family member they relax best with. Our photographers are skilled in capturing quick results and will direct the shoot to gain the best results. Bring the family along too, get in touch in advance to pre-arrange.


Once your portraits are created, our team will display your images for purchase, here at the studio in our media suite.

Only the images that are ordered are then airbrushed for the final products.

We have a range of packages to choose from, with our products on display.

We aim to offer a same day viewing. You have a print and social media digital version with the booking.

“We had a superhero photo shoot for my son after being recommended by a friend then decided to get photos done of our husky. Not only was the team friendly, welcoming, kind but they are AMAZING at their job! We had the best time on the shoots and viewing our photos, I cannot wait to get them home. They are soooo talented and the nicest people! I can’t wait to get back and get more photos done in the future. Cannot recommend Nicola Bald Photography enough! Fantastic!!”
Linzi Wilson
“I went to see Nicola for some pet photos because I received a voucher and now I know who I’ll use in the future for any professional photos. She was absolutely amazing! My dog made things difficult by being afraid of the flash etc. but Nicola worked with it and got some awesome photos. Thank you so much Nicola!!”
Alicia Cranston
“Just wanted to pass on huge thanks from my mother and father. They had the most wonderful photoshoot with their much loved Cocker Spaniel Bob. They could not have asked for more, advising from the minute they walked In (such a welcoming atmosphere), to their shoot with Nicola and absolutely adore all of their chosen pics. The canvas has taken prime place in the living room of their home. Thank you again for the most wonderful experience and memories that will last a lifetime.”
Laura Forsyth



The Models


  1. By Clicking onto our “Enquire Now” button you will be taken to an enquiry form, once you fill out contact details and select a photo session request just send it over to us and soon a member of our team will contact you to discuss a date, time, and payment for your appointment. 
  2. Calling us directly will let you have the ability to ask any questions you may have before filling out an enquiry form, so you are certain which shoot best suits you. Emailing the studio directly is also an alternative option. 
  3. Once your appointment is booked you will receive a “Preparing for your Shoot” email, this email will be tailored to your requested shoot and is full of all the information needed to understand the shoot process fully.  
  4.  Look forward to your session and viewing appointment where you will be able to select from any of our beautifully made products and gorgeous images!